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Old Covenant Verses New Covenant 3

   Welcome back! Hope you have read over Hebrews, chapter 3. Let’s take a look at it!  Let me ask you a question: Would you like to enter into God’s rest?  In chapter 3 it tells us “not” to harden our heart. Wouldn’t you like to be a partaker of Christ? A Coheir with Christ?  Here are some points to think about.

1)  The Bible says the deceitfulness of sin will cause you to harden your heart.                                                                  

2)   In verse 12, it says: “Take heed, Brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief,in departing from the living God.

3)   We are also encouraged to exhort, (lift one another up) TODAY, more than ever!  We need to support one another!                                    

4)    We need to encourage, cheer on, one another while it is day!                                                                                                                

   We also learn in chapter 3, that Jesus is superior to Moses. Did you know we are” holy brethren”? We are also partakers of the heavenly calling.   Jesus Christ is the Apostle, and High Priest, of our profession (Of faith-salvation).    

  We also read that we shouldn’t be like some of the Israelites that came out of Egypt, and died in the wilderness, because of unbelief. Please read the last two verses, 18 and 19.  Please enter into God’s rest and BELIEVE!  Come up higher and be a child of the King!          

  Join me next time as we study Hebrews, chapter 4.  Also, please read the first several verses in chapt. 3.  It talks about Christ being over His own house which we are. Our bodies are the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells. Take care of it!  Thanks!  Leave me a comment, would love to hear from you!      

In Christ Jesus, Ann

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How are You Thinking? Part 1

Hi!  Welcome back to my blog  You will notice I didn’t ask “What” are you thinking, but “How”?   In my last blog I left you with some m’s, n’s and r’s to look at.  Did you see any that are common place in your writing?  Well….get your pen and paper ready to write, and let’s see what methods you use to think,and how you attempt to solve a problem!

In School, do you remember how the Teacher had you write?  You were taught to form your letters slowly and carefully.  The tops of your m’s,and n’s, were well-rounded.  The “copybook” style of writing. Some of us have steered away from this style, or just added some ‘points’ to our m’s, n’s, and h’s.  Take a look at the ones below.  Try to copy these:

Did you feel yourself slowly building one hump at a time?  Now, write the word ‘name’ the way you usually write.  If you have more of the ’rounded’ humps in your handwriting, we say you are a ‘cumulative/methodical thinker.  You slowly, but surely think by building one known fact upon another to reach a conclusion.  You may be good at building or making things.  You will notice this is a slower way of writing (thinking), which is why the ‘methodical’ thinker is often misunderstood.  He may be viewed as “slow”.  But, this person’s slow conclusions are usually right.  A flat-topped ‘r’ indicates skill in using hands and feet. He’s creative.

You may be ‘thinking’….” I have more pointed m’s and n’s.”  Or maybe you have ‘v’ or inverted ‘v”s in your m’s, n’s, and h’s.  If so, take a look at the diagram below.

The first one we have already talked about. The ‘cumulative/methodical’ thinker. Match # 1 with # 1 and it says “I want known facts!”.  Match the others to get an idea of what they mean.  In part two, we will take a look at these other mental processes.  In the mean time…..look at your friend, family or coworkers m’s,n’s, and h’s, even r’s.

So…..stay tuned!

Isaiah 26:3 (KJV) “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

cool to be blessed!



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