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Uplifting and Biblical truths

Hebrews Chapter 4

Welcome back, and God bless you!  We are in Hebrews, chapter 4. Hope you have been following along. Let’s jump right in!  We see that after God made the heavens and the earth, he rested on the seventh day. Now, He is saying WE can “rest” in Him! Wow, cool huh! We can enter into that rest, too (a time of completion). Take a deep breath, and breath out,knowing you can leave it all at the altar, and rest in God. But, remember, it says in verse 3, that”for we which have BELIEVED” do enter into rest”. Yes, you have to believe. We are reminded again in verse 7, not to HARDEN our hearts. Let’s not be passive in our Christian walk, sister or brother.  We must labor into that rest. We must believe, and keep on going! Keep having faith.

This reminds me of a recent event in my life that seemed like being a Christian wouldn’t help. Fear was present, a sense of hopelessness reared its ugly head. Confusion invited itself in. So much pain and strife around. But….God…yes with faith, He said, “Come out of this, and rest”.  Believe me, the problem didn’t disappear, only the way I approached it. God gave me peace and led me to have a soft answer, as well as complete silence. I walked away from the unrest, and my husband and I prayed in another room away from the stress. We agreed together and asked others to agree as well. We laid hands on something connected to it and prayed. We rebuked, then invited peace and comfort. Then we ask that the only spirit to be present was the Holy Spirit! Things calmed down in the whirlwind of fear,hopelessness,and helplessness. Peace was there, at least for that day! Praise God! Yes, fear wouldn’t give up,it tried to stay longer than any of them,but it was recognized and rebuked again! Ha!

The good news is that Jesus has prepared a place for us in Heaven.(St. John 14:1-3).  God knows our heart,we are like an open book to him. Nothing you say or do will surprise Him. No sin is too great for Him to forgive. So believe, and hold fast to your profession of faith, in the work Jesus Christ did on the cross. Why? Because He is our Priest who has passed into the heavens!   Please read all of chapter 4, with me. Look at verse 15, it says Jesus understands what you are going through because He was tempted as we are. He never sinned but, was made sin for us on the cross.  Verse 16, Praise God,says now we can enter the throne of grace with confidence, and boldness, as we stand before God our Father, clothed in righteousness (not ours, but Jesus’s).  Won’t you come to the throne of grace?        God has given us everything we need. It was all completed on the cross through Jesus Christ. We just have to claim it!  Take care until next time! God richly bless you and protect you.

Cool to be blessed-Ann

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Old Covenant Verses New Covenant 3

   Welcome back! Hope you have read over Hebrews, chapter 3. Let’s take a look at it!  Let me ask you a question: Would you like to enter into God’s rest?  In chapter 3 it tells us “not” to harden our heart. Wouldn’t you like to be a partaker of Christ? A Coheir with Christ?  Here are some points to think about.

1)  The Bible says the deceitfulness of sin will cause you to harden your heart.                                                                  

2)   In verse 12, it says: “Take heed, Brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief,in departing from the living God.

3)   We are also encouraged to exhort, (lift one another up) TODAY, more than ever!  We need to support one another!                                    

4)    We need to encourage, cheer on, one another while it is day!                                                                                                                

   We also learn in chapter 3, that Jesus is superior to Moses. Did you know we are” holy brethren”? We are also partakers of the heavenly calling.   Jesus Christ is the Apostle, and High Priest, of our profession (Of faith-salvation).    

  We also read that we shouldn’t be like some of the Israelites that came out of Egypt, and died in the wilderness, because of unbelief. Please read the last two verses, 18 and 19.  Please enter into God’s rest and BELIEVE!  Come up higher and be a child of the King!          

  Join me next time as we study Hebrews, chapter 4.  Also, please read the first several verses in chapt. 3.  It talks about Christ being over His own house which we are. Our bodies are the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells. Take care of it!  Thanks!  Leave me a comment, would love to hear from you!      

In Christ Jesus, Ann

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Old Covenant Verses New Covenant 2

Hello again!  I hope you have been studying the book of Hebrews this week, so you can join me today as we look at Hebrews chapter two.   In Hebrews 2:9,  it says “But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honor; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.”  (Taken from the KJV).  Wow! Here we see Jesus is made LOWER than the ANGELS, for the reason to suffer death, taste death, for EVERY MAN (mankind).  He died on the cross for WHOSOEVER BELIEVETH!  He died for my sins and yours! Cool huh!                                                                             In verse 11, it says He calls us Brethren   In verse 14…..that through death (dying on the cross) he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil. Verse 15….And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.  You know we don’t have to fear death, we can know we will go to Heaven and see Jesus our Savior. Yes, you can know for sure, by accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. Ask Him to come into your life.  Please read my blog “Did You Know”.                                                                    When Jesus died on the cross, he did not take on the nature of angels.  He took on Him the seed of Abraham.  He was like us, so He might be a merciful and faithful HIGH PRIEST in things that had to do with GOD. To…also make reconciliation for the sins of the people       You see, in the Old Testament (old covenant), before Jesus came to earth and died on the cross, the High Priest had to go ONCE  A YEAR , on THE DAY OF ATONEMENT and sacrifice certain animals for the sins of the people, and for himself.    But, when Jesus came, He was sacrificed ONCE on the cross (as a lamb-spotless), for our sins. So, HE became OUR “HIGH PRIEST”.  He makes intercession for us in Heaven to the FATHER.  Jesus sits at the RIGHT HAND of GOD.   So…….their is no more need for a High Priest to sacrifice animals once a year, on the Day of Atonement.  We can be atoned for our sins through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice (one time). God has always needed a blood sacrifice (read Hebrews 9:22 about that). The blood of Jesus has covered our sins. He died in our place on the cross. Then He rose from the dead on the third day!! Yaaaaaah!!   Thank you, Jesus!   But, remember this is a GIFT from GOD.  He made a way for our SALVATION. But….with any gift, you have to receive it!                                                                                                                                                                    Ask Jesus now, to forgive you of your sins, and that you accept His sacrifice on the cross. Also, that you believe in your heart, He died and rose again. Confess with your mouth, He is Lord!    Ask Him to come into your life.  Don’t worry, you can come as you are, you don’t have to wait till you are perfect and clean.  He will wash you with His blood and cleanse you from all unrighteousness!  Please join me for chapter 3 of Hebrews next time! God bless!      Ann

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The Old Covenant Verses The New Covenant

  • Hello, and welcome back!  I am so excited to talk to you more, about Jesus Christ!  I would like you to study with me, the book of Hebrews. Most people think of Hebrews 11, ” The Hall Of Faith”, where example, after example is written of men, and women who had faith. But, today we will look at the old and new covenant. First, let’s begin by reading Hebrews chapter 1. In the “temporal” or old covenant, God, in times past spoke through the Prophets.  In these last days, he speaks through Jesus Christ (A new and superior covenant).                                                                                                                                                                         Let’s take a look at Jesus:
  • He is the only one that can purge  (cleanse, get rid of) our sins (through His blood on the cross).
  • He is the only one that has sat down at the right hand of God (After His work was finished on the cross).
  •  Jesus is even better than the angels.
  • He is described as ‘God the Father’s begotten Son”.
  • In verse 6, Jesus is also described as “The first begotten”, being someone that was worshiped by ANGELS!
  • In verse 7, we see that angels are different.  They are MINISTERING SPIRITS. In verses 8-12, Jesus is compared to angels, in that, God has never told angels to “Sit on His right hand, until He makes their enemies their foot stool”.   BUT, He HAS told Jesus this.    Let’s look at verse 14, which says angels are ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation!    Exciting isn’t it!  So, if we just stopped at chapter ONE in HEBREWS, we would have learned a lot of important information so far!   We learned WHO Jesus is (His importance), especially when comparing Him to “The Prophets in old times”, and “To Angels”.

It get’s even better in Chapter 2 of Hebrews.    Join me next time, as we continue our study in Hebrews,  “The Old Covenant Verses The New Covenant”! Thanks,& God bless!  Let’s learn together!  I am a Pupil here as well!  Drop me a comment, or share something in your heart about our study so far.

Til next time, Shalom (peace),



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Did You Know……

Hi!   Welcome everyone and God bless you abundantly!  Did you know that God loves YOU!   He sent His Son Jesus to die for your sins.  In the Bible, John 3:16 says; ” For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton son that whosover believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”       Whosoever means you!  He extended his GRACE (kindness, unmerited favor) to you!   God will draw you unto himself through Jesus Christ-through his sacrifice on the cross.  So…what is your part in this , after he extends his grace and gift of salvation (through Jesus Christ)?     We are to recieve this gift through placing our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.    But, how…. do we do this you ask.??     By beleiving that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross for your sins.    He paid the final and ultimate price, one time for you.    Believe he rose from the dead to give you life, life in and through him…….make him Lord of your life.     BELIEVE and put your trust and faith in him.       Just think,  you can know God hears your prayers because,  Jesus is NOW at the right hand of God our Father, making intercession for us.  You will know you are a CHILD of GOD by your spirit bearing wittness with his spirit.     God is a SPIRIT and He Is LOVE!  WoW!  Cool, huh.     If you have believed as I said above….in your heart and confessed Jesus is Lord with your mouth….He is the way to Salvation, then you have been born AGAIN!     You are brand new spiritually.     You have been sealed with the HOLY SPIRIT!    You may say, who is the Holy Spirit?     Well….after Jesus Christ died on the cross, and rose from the dead, he said that he had to go but would send us a COMFORTER-The Holy Spirit.    He would lead us unto all truth…convict us (not condemn) guide us and so much more!      God really loves YOU!!    He extends HIS INVITATION to YOU right NOW—for today is the day of salvation—don’t put it off.     For you have a enemy called satan, who wants to keep you away from God your Father.    We are made in God’s image and he hates us, he is the father of LIES!      Become a child of God where  now you can cry ABBA, FATHER!  Even Dad.     He is waiting to wrap his arms around YOU.  He made you, he is your creater….he loves you…he knew you in your Mother’s womb.     May God bless you!     Let me know how this has touched you….thanks for reading!      In Christ,  Ann

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